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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Copper medium term view

Copper Medium term view LME : Cmp 8350

A)     Pattern view: Possible Head & shoulder with a small head & shoulder In right Shoulder – A bearish pattern starting to Unfold

Copper has been forming a head Shoulder pattern on weekly charts With left shoulder formed between July2009--Jun2010
And Head Formation From june 2010-- Sep2011
 & right Shoulder From Sep2011 to current away , Interesting to Know is each Shoulder--head-shoulder has roughly taken anywhere between 50-54 weeks interesting on time cycle  with The neck Line at  6800
Looking at short term charts the right shoulder is also Developing into a smaller head & shoulder pattern With each time taking of roughly 16 weeks The Neckline is Currently at 7500 and immediate upside Resistance is at 8600
So till weekly prices Are not able to Close above 8600 levels and We See a Fall back below 7300 , first The bearish indications will play for downside targets of 6400 level , Which would be Roughly near the Neckline of The larger head & shoulder

The wave counts also Suggest that we are in corrective down trend in medium term with the larger C wave starting to Unfold with Possible targets of 6200, To see Complete wave counts  plz find attached chart

Hence on upside the potential upside as if now is range of 4-10 % with many important resistance on the way and probabilities of heading down for a correction of 25 + % is getting higher in next  12—18 Months

The above reco would be negated if we have a Weekly close above 9200 Lme

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Copper Weekly Medium term Update

Copper Prices After topping out For medium Term at 10150 LME prices Corrected till 8400 Levels in wave A of 2 , Now Looks like to have Completed the Corrective   Wave B at 9640 of wave (2) . Failure to Cross The Recent highs Could Push price Again Down till 8400 & 7700 in Medium term as wave C which mark end of Wave (2)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Daily Trading Levels , MCX Supports And Resistance , Commodities , Base Metals


Copper : Trend Sideways - Range Bound - 
Important Resistance 411-412 ,Close above same one can expect levels of 419-420.
On downside 398-399 Important Support range. Below which we can test 385/390
Levels on upside   405-408.5-411-413

Lead : Trend Up
Lead reverses from major resistance zone given earlier  Major Resistance zone remains at 116-116.5
Sustained move above 116-116.5 can do 118.5-119 on upside
On downside 112.5-113 support for intraday.. 107.5-108 Major Support range for the comm

Zinc : Trend Slightly Bullish
Zinc reverses from major resistance zone given earlier  Major Resistance zone remains at 116-116.5 
ABove 101.5 if sustains then may do 103-103.5
MInor Support at 98-98.5. On downside 95-95.5 Important Support range

Nickel : Trend Sideways 
Important Support near 955-960 Levels , Major Resistance zone 1000-1005 on Upside
Nickel buy above 1000-1005 range with stop of 990, can do 1035/1040 on upside 
Trend Reversal if it closes above 1010.. Levels on downside 980-960-950

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekly Technical outlook Base Metals

BASE Metals :

Looking at last two candles of the most widely traded base metals Like copper, Nickel , Zinc, lead, aluminum all Are Showing Some or the other type of Candlestick reversal patterns indicating that if the Following week if Prices fail to Cross the recent high and weaken further indicating, Short term top is getting Formed and prices could Correct get into a Sideways move or a correction which could be a Little sharper More than 10 % as the prices had Move up a lot in Recent weeks

Copper MCX : a Close Below 301 Would open Downside targets of 292--271 with immediate Reistance at 311

Nickel MCX : Resistance at 962--980 , Supports at 928--880--740

Zinc MCX : Immediate Support Seen at 85.5 Below Which could head for 81 , on upside 89.25 & 01 are Strong resistance

Lead MCX : Lead below 88 Could re test the support at 83.5 and on upside has resistance at 89-90.4--91.95-92