Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mcx trading Levels For Day

Support & Resistance For The day

Gold 21835--21960-22040-22210-22333-22486

Silver 68300-69180--70400--71650

Copper 428.6-435--439-442-445
Lead 115.4--116.8-118.2-199.6-121
Zinc  102.4--103.6-105-106.6-108
Nickel 1188-1210-1234-1252--1284

Crude Oil 4850-4934-5010-5160-5240
Natural gas 192.5-195.6-197-200.4-204

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#Silver medium term view

Looking at silver weekly charts for past decade the rally which started from almost 3.50 $ to current price of 38.5$,it clearly looks likes near end of extended massive bull run of 5 waves and now could get into corrective phase (wave 2 a-b-c ) for next few months. Any new high on silver would be a good sell opportunity or a break of 36 dollar would confirm a medium term top and we could look at short term downside targets of 32.5 $ and 27 $

Snapshot :

#silver break of 36$ could confirm a medium term top & correct down till 32.5$ and than 27$ , $slv , Good sell on rise #askchirag any new highs or rallies good setup to create shorts