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Thursday, February 3, 2011

have crude & copper topped out ?

Copper MCX Possible Price Targets at 380 SL abv 475 closing

Crude MCX possible price targets below 3400 Rupess Stops Abv 4300 closing basis 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Gold has a clear five wave impulse down. The B wave should end near 1,380 levels after which the C wave down to new lows below 1,320 should begin. Silver looks more like a 3-3-5 structure. We see the B wave complete and prices starting a C leg lower till 25. OIL is also stagnating in a B wave, which should resolve lower. Dollar index remains in B wave till price clearly move above 79.55 previous highs.
(Article written in association with Orpheus CAPITALS -- ticks Global Intraday Service)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crude Short term view

Crude has formed a Hanging Man - Doji at top end of end of channel which is a whiplash near the top end of channel Resistance . Indicating that a Short Term top May be in place. Failure to Close abv 87 in next day or two Could drag it down to sub 82 lvls . The RSI has also Started pointing downwards again after Hitting the Overbought Zone

Reco : Short on Rise With SL above 87.3 with downsid etargets of 83.5 & 82

( Click on Read Rest of entry & click on Graph to have Larger view of Charts )

Monday, November 9, 2009

Crude Short Term view

Crude oil has been Consildating in sideways channel For past two weeks after the big move from 65 $ to Recent high of 82 $ --- Looking closely at the Consolidation Looks like a bullish Flag and could consilidate for some More Days before breaking on upside opening potential targets of 87$--92$ in the Cuming Weeks

traders Can Look to Buy on every Dip and maintain a SL below 74 $ closing Basis or enter in Fresh Trades When Crude Breaks out of the Channel above 81.25 $

Resistance on upside 84$--87.5$--92$

Supports on Downside 76.7$--75.4$-74 $

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crude oil Technical view 260809

Crude oil has been Moving in a Rising wedge Since the upmove from 63 $ to 75 $ , currently the supports are coming in at 70.65 $ , where Short term traders can Look to long again with SL below 69.50 % for target of 74 $ again . A close below 69.50 $ would mean that the upmove from 63$ to 75 $ has completed and the commodity could correct & retrace back to next intermediate support aroudn 67.3 $ and Below that re-test the short term Lows again . On upsdie It will find String resistance at 72.45 $ and above that at 73.86$--75$ ,

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crude oil technical Analysis 29thjuly2009

Crude Oil has Broken the Coorective trend Line , Which started From recent lows of 58$ extended to 68.87$, On upside Now will face Stiff Resistance at 67.86$ , Next Support Seen at 64.4 $ , Below Which Could Open trgts as Low as 62.4 $

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crude Technical Analysis 15th july2009

Conjestion Near Resistance
Crude oil Retracted back to Re-test the First Fib Resistance of 23.6 % , (Calculated From Recent high of 73.5 $ to Recent lows of 58.25 $), A Close above Same on Daily charts could Open possible upside trts till Next Resistance of 38.2 % Which is around 64 $

Monday, July 13, 2009

Crude Technical Analysis 13th July 2009

Crude possiblity of Small pull back . Check out chart for the upper resistance in near zone

Note : Reco open on Crude BTST :: Booked half and Moved SL below Cost

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crude Technical Analysis 9th July 2009

Crude Chart 15-min , Loads of Buy / Sell Reversals indicated in Short Span of time . Suggesting bears Might be Looseing Strength or Some profit Booking & Consolidation before Next move

Expecting a Good Move upto 62.8 if manges to Cross 60.6 Before making New Low

Note :: Chart is Updated For Educational purpose to Explain Few Technical terms And Shouldnt be Taken as a trading Recommendation

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Crude Technical Analysis 7th July 2009

Crude Oil Intraday has made Dragon Fly doji , Intraday players Can take Long with SL below that

MCX traders SL at 3050

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crude Oil Technical Analysis 1st July 2009

Crude oil could be heading Down For Much lower trgts if breaks the Neckline at 68.75 Zone with volumes and trades below that a day More,

Possible Downward trgts -- height of head 1.e 5 $ ..So we Could see Crude Coming Down to 63.5 Levels In coming Days , Maintain SL of 71 On all Shorts For Same

Crude Technical Analysis 1st july 2009

Crude Oil Daily Charts : Crude Oil has Been Trading in the range of 73.5 $ --66.5 $ , With Minor Double top at 73.5 but the distance between them is too Small to take a larger view on it , On ther other side its shapeing up in a Ascending trinagle With Supports coming in From upward trendline Drawn and marked with blue arrows, With the Inventory Data Expected today , We Feel On Breach of 68.75 $ Crude will head down again to Re test the Lower End of Range at 66.5 $, While On the upside will Face strong Resisatnce at 72.25 $ and 72.80 $, A Closing above 73.1 $ could bring chance of trend change with it opening new Upside Range of 73$--78$ , A Close Below 66.5 Could open Downward trgts of 63.5--58.9. Further till than trading the Range will be best option Sell On rise & buy on dips Inside the Range

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crude Technical Analysis 30th June 2009

Book 50 % crude Now in range of 3361--65 Those Who all took Short in the Morning at 3375 Levels ,

Crude Technical Analysis 30th June 2009

As the Day Started Clients were Fwded with Short Call on Crude

Postional Sell MCX crude At 3475 SL of 3540

Crude had Formed a bearish candlestick stick pattern of shooting star at top of Chart is indicates a Pause in the uptrend and possiblity of Change in trend , after that We Saw follow up selling and is Now trading at 3430 levels , Have Moved the SL closer to 3510 Now to play safe

Updateing chart So people Every One can understand what actually they are trading

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crude Technical Analysis 24th June 2009

Possible cup & handle on Hourly crude , As the Short term trend Line Broken could re test that at 71.4 , avoidong Longs till further confirmations

Crude Technical Analysis 24th june 2009

Crude oil After Making short term top at $ 73.15 had Sharply Fallen from the Short term trendline , the Trend Which Started from $49.05--$73.15. After touching a new Weekly low of $ 66.25 had bounced back to $68.6 Sub levels trending in a triangle further Downside is Expected on Breach of $ 68, opening lower trgts of 67.1--66.25---65 . On the upside it faces stiff Resistance at 70.1--71.4- 72.45 , Sell On rise with top as SL would be Recommended for Short term