Friday, February 26, 2010


Silver has been moving in a Expanding triangle and wave count shows a Possible Start of third Wave with EURO also Supporting as far 15.65 Holds on closing Basis one can Expect an upside target of 17.55 lvls

Euro Short term view

Euro Does Double Bottom on Daily Charts , with the Second candle as Hammer and Some Follow up buying Coming up , The Following day - This Indicates that a Short Term bottom is in place and Some Retracement till 1.4000 lvls Cant be Rulled out , Look to Buy on Dips till 1.3400 is Held

An upmove in Euro Could Lead to Rise in PM metals Also Opeing an upside trgt of Gold till 1160 & slvr 16.8--17.35 Zone

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Silver Comex

Possible Wave Count on Silver

As Far 15.65 is Held on Downside One can play longs For Trgt of 16.05--16.2