Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gold Silver Update

Unlike Gold, Silver seems to be completing a final v subminor up. This seems to be a completion of the leg up from Nov 2009. And considering the large exponential blow off that we illustrated prior and Silver topping the Jiseki rankings we continue to look at any leg up on Silver now as the last leg after which the white metal should fall back into 22.40 previous iv wave supports. Gold also seem to be in the final Y minor leg up and should follow silver down.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Gold has a clear five wave impulse down. The B wave should end near 1,380 levels after which the C wave down to new lows below 1,320 should begin. Silver looks more like a 3-3-5 structure. We see the B wave complete and prices starting a C leg lower till 25. OIL is also stagnating in a B wave, which should resolve lower. Dollar index remains in B wave till price clearly move above 79.55 previous highs.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Forex update JPY.EUR.GBP.AUD vs. USD

USDJPY. Prices have completed a five wave structure suggesting that the bounce back could push back up till previous 4 wave levels at 86.
EURDUSD is in a 2 wave counter trend wave that should not push above 1.38-1.39 resistance levels. After the ongoing bounce prices should move back 1.3238 levels.
AUDUSD. The price Reversal below 1.000 suggest that B wave is also over and prices are headed down till 0.9350 . The price action also has a potential Head and shoulder neckline near 0.9700. A break here will also confirm the preferred negative view.
GBPUSD. Prices have completed the Wave B up at 1.5900 levels and are headed down till 1.5600.

Friday, November 12, 2010

LME Nickel Medium term view

The B minor corrective (counter-trend) seems over and now the prices should move lower in the C wave back below previous low at 17,000. Sub 24,000 we continue to look lower.

Monday, October 18, 2010

LME Nickel Short term view

LME Nickel breaks the Medium term Trend Line with a Strong Gap Down , Intraday Fills back the Gap and The Support Becomes Strong Resistance and prices Reverse , If In Medium Term Nickel Fails to Cross 24300 lvls , Can On Downside correct till 22400 lvls or 21900

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gold Near Resistance Zone

Gold Near important Trend line Resistance in zone of of 1380-1387 $ ,
The Rsi is Extremely overbought and Showing Negative Divergence . This Resistance is Almost near physiological Resistance of 1400 $ ,
This even co-incised with wave counts of Major 3 -5th wave Extended , Suggesting we are Near top. Will Look for key Reversal Here Any time soon , Opening Downside targets till 1310--1265 $

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dowjones Potential Head & shoulders , Might have topped out Yesterday

Dowjones Could Be Heading lower towards price Target of 9950 With making of potentail Right Shoulder and than Finally to 9200 later on . The above view Is negated if prices Moves above 10700 levels

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gold Short term view

Prices Head For Crucial Resistance Zone of 1288-1295$ levels , Almost Near the physiological Resistance of 1300 $ , We Expect The prices to Reverse From the Current level Looking at the Negative Divergence on RSI and Resistance coming up From upwards End of Rising Wedge ,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Silver Short term view

Silver Short term : Silver is Highly overbought Zone , and has made A hanging man Candle Stick reversal pattern Near Resistance Level of 20 $ . In Short term , Shorts Can be Taken with Sl above abv 20 $ on closing basis , for Down Side Targets of 19.3 $ & 18.9 $

Friday, July 2, 2010

Gold MCX & comex medium term View

Gold MCX weekly Charts technical outlook

Gold made a lifetime High of 19198 Rupees in the first week of June 2010 , And Formed a Doji at top of charts on weekly which is Sign of short term reversal

Looking Closely at weekly Charts it almost reversed From top end of the Channel in which it has been trending Since of February 2009

Gold Initially in mid month of Feb made a high of 16036 And corrected to 13931 in Next 10 Weeks giving a correction of approx 13 % . Later on bounced back to Make a New high at 17650 and Corrected to 15950 in next 10 weeks correcting almost 10 % , the correction period both the time Lasted for 10 weeks
Now at current levels it has again reversed From top end of same channel and expecting it to take Support at bottom End of Channel which is near 17200 levels and almost indicating that it could be a approx 10 % correction if it follows same time sequence of correcting approx 10 % in 10 weeks From top which it made First week of June and Than we could expect targets of 17200 lvls around second week of august
RSI on weekly charts has Also Reversed From overbought Zone and point downwards currently placed at 65 zone

Week end Feb 15 2009 12th April 2009
16036- -13931 net Change --- 2105 Rs == ~ 13 %
correction Time Period ~ 10 Weeks

weekend 29 nov 2009 31st January 2010
17650—15950 net Change = 1700 ~ 10 %
correction Time Period ~ 10 Weeks

Week ended 6th June 2010 - 19198 -- ????? Expected target 17200 lvls
19198—17000 net change 2198 ~~~ Approx 11.5 % correction Expected by August Second week

Gold GC Comex

Gold Comex made a life time high of 1265 $ which was end of 5th wave of Complete up move which Started From medium term Low of 1044 $ made in Mid may of 2010 . Now is start of 3 wave corrective pattern Which would Open Downside targets of wave a till 1165 $ and than probably bounce back till 1230 $ lvls Which could be Wave B and than Final wave C ending at 1121 $

Note both the above views would be Negated if Comex Gold Crosses 1265 $ in short term Or MCX gold Closes above 19000 Rupees

Friday, June 18, 2010

Gold Short term view

Gold Comex Yesterday Re-tested The Recent Double top High of 1251 $ which is now a triple top On daily Charts

A Strong Resistance to Cross Over-1251--1253 Zone
Closely looking at daily Charts it has also formed a Cup handle pattern Suggesting that breakout above 1251-1253 zone & sustained trading above Same Can take it to 1281 $--1312 $ In short term
Failure to Cross Over above 1251 and close above it for two days could negate the pattern. On Downside if Manages to Break 1227 $ it can lead to Re-test of Recent Lows Near 1205--1164 $ .
As Far as 1227 $ is held on closing basis Look to Trade on upside for targets of 1281 $--1312

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Silver Short term view

askchirag.com : Silver view short term :

Everywhere People are Talking about the Massive Head & shoulder formation in Silver comex on daily charts which is a Bearish pattern and Silver Could Fall Down to 14.25 levels But technically speaking The massive breakdown Will come only If silver trades constantly below 18 $ and than breaks the important Support level of 17.05 $ (Neckline of head & shoulder pattern) , A Break below 17 $ will Confirm the above Pattern and open Downside targets till 14.25 $--but Contradicting to above pattern it has formed a massive Inverted head & shoulder pattern With Neckline near 18.75 $ , a break above Same can open upside targets till 19.8 $--21.44 $
So overall currently trading at 18.55 $ technically its in a neutral zone and next big move would Only happen if manges to close above 18.75 $ or break below 18 $ till than would be Range bound
Looking at RSI charts its constantly reversing From 40 Zone which generally tends to Happen in bullish phase So looking to Trade it more buy on dips till time 18.00 $ is not Broken

Short term Reco : Buy silver at 18.5 $ SL of 18 $ Look for 19.8 $--21.44 $

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Crude Short term view

Crude Short term technical views

Crude made a low of 67 $ on 25th Way after falling From the cliff of triple tops made at 87.25 $ and Sharply bounced back to 75.6$ later Falling back to make a higher bottom at sub 70 levels and bounced back to 74 levels, breaking the short term Falling Trend Line Resistance . If in next Few Days Crude if manages to Cross over 75.6 $ than a medium term Bottom Could be in Place and on upside could give a sharp move to 79.5 & 81 $

Resistance Levels: 75.6 (short term top)—76.95 (50 % Retracement levels of complete Move From 87.25-67$)---79.5$(61.8- Retracement levels of complete Move From 87.25-67$)--- 81 $ ( a Higher top Above Short term top)

Supports Levels: 72.5 $ - Support From Falling trend line which was resistance before -69.3 $ short term Bottom

Looks like Crude is all Set for a Big Rally again till 81$ and 83.4 $, Looking to Trade it on upside with Stop Below 71 $ For and Look to Enter on Dips in Range of 73-74 $

On MCX if Crude Manges to Close above 3410 Can Slow and Steady Rise till 3640--3710 Lvls

Monday, June 7, 2010

MCX Supports Resistance Levels

Comex Gold : Trend Sideways Consolidation - Range Bound
Range: 1190--1220
Resistance Levels : 1220--1128-1236
Supports: 1190-1196-1204-1212

MCX gold : Double top @ 18850
Trend : Trend Sideways Consolidation - Range Bound
Resistance :18700-18850
Support: 18250-18333-18514

Comex Silver : Important Support at 17$
Trend : neutral
Trend Reversal levels 17.64 $
Trading levels : 1700-1717-1733-1741-1764

MCX Silver : Trend Sideways to Consolidation
Trend Reversal Bullish only abv 28700
Important Support at 27900 Below that weak
Trading levels : 27900-28050-28130-28264-28490-28700

Nymex Crude : Trend Buy on Dips
Trading Levls : 69.4-70.15-71.4-72.6
Important Resistance - 71.4 Above that Expect some short covering till 72.6

MCX crude : Trend Buy on Dips
Trading levels : 3340-3368-3391-3410
Important Resistance : 3410


Copper : Trend Weak - Important Resistance 298 ,Close above same one can Expect Trend Reversal.
On downside 281 Important Support

Lead : Trend Weak - Highly oversold
Expecting Some value buying at lower levels Near 72-73 Zone , Resistance at 75 above which can expect Some short covering till 77.35
Trading levels : 72.5-73.4-74.6-75.3-76-77.35

Zinc : Trend Weak - Highly oversold
Expecting Some value buying at lower levels Near 75, Resistance at 76.8 Above which Can Expect Short covering till 79.8 levels
Trading levels: 75.3-76.1-76.8-78.4-79.8

Nickel : Trend weak - Oversold
Important Support near 800- 821 Levels , One Can look to Take Longs near those levels With Sl below 790 for Trading bounce back till 875 levels
Trading levels - 800-821-838-844-861-874-891

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crude Short term

Playing With Trendlines
Crude has Breached The Short-term trendline Support at 83 and tested the next Support at previous Bottom of 82.5 making a double bottom at that Same Place , Sustained Trading below Same Can Lead to Next Support Imp at 81.8 Below that Can Retest 79.8 * 77 $ Supports

Gold Inverted HEad & shoulders

Gold Inverted Head & shoulders , After fridays Selloff took Support near The neckline , Fresh Longs Can be taken with SL below 1110 Closing basis For upside tagrets of 1180--1209

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crude Short term view

Crude has formed a Hanging Man - Doji at top end of end of channel which is a whiplash near the top end of channel Resistance . Indicating that a Short Term top May be in place. Failure to Close abv 87 in next day or two Could drag it down to sub 82 lvls . The RSI has also Started pointing downwards again after Hitting the Overbought Zone

Reco : Short on Rise With SL above 87.3 with downsid etargets of 83.5 & 82

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Euro- technical view

Euro On 4 hours Charts has formed Strong Doji near the Resistance Zone indicating Trend Reversal possible , Could again Fall back to1. 3500 lvls In turn pulling Down , Precious Metals & basemeatls along with it -- Fresh Longs only to be taken in if Euro manges to Cross 1.3800

For technical trading Calls On Comex & MCX
Call : 9769980696
Yahoo id chiragkb5

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gold Possible Inverted head & shoulders

Gold possible IHS on daily comex charts -- Neckline placed at 1137 $ , Close and Sustained Trading abv Same can open upside trgt till 1160--1174 in short term , Failure to Cross Same could Lead to Retest on downside again till 1110 $

Monday, March 1, 2010

Gold Short term 1125--1132 Strong Resistance to Cross

Gold Strong Resistance near 1125--1132 Zone in Near Term,

Looking at the Daily Charts of Gold in Medium term It has been moving in a Sideways downward biased Channel , the top end of the Channel is now near the 1123--1125 Zone Which will be A Strong Resistance to Cross ( Marked with PINK Lines on the Chart)

and in the Short term it has been Moving in a triangle (marked with orange Lines) So break above 1126 Zone Would Face Resistance at 1132 Where the upward Rising trend line of triangle is based. Which indicates that Fresh longs Should be taken if the Daily Close Manages to Close above 1132 levels for upside target of 1163--1174 targets , On Downside break of 1102 Will again indicate that the trend is Reversing again to Retest the Downward end of channel with Breakdown from the triangle opening Downside target till 1088--1065 $ -1044$ - 1005 $ , which Would possibly Mean the end of Short Term Zigzag Correction

The Leading indicators on Daily & 4 hours Charts have shown a Cross Over on the Downside from overbought Zones, Indicating some Shorts Are Being Created near Current levels


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Email : info@askchirag.com

Friday, February 26, 2010


Silver has been moving in a Expanding triangle and wave count shows a Possible Start of third Wave with EURO also Supporting as far 15.65 Holds on closing Basis one can Expect an upside target of 17.55 lvls

Euro Short term view

Euro Does Double Bottom on Daily Charts , with the Second candle as Hammer and Some Follow up buying Coming up , The Following day - This Indicates that a Short Term bottom is in place and Some Retracement till 1.4000 lvls Cant be Rulled out , Look to Buy on Dips till 1.3400 is Held

An upmove in Euro Could Lead to Rise in PM metals Also Opeing an upside trgt of Gold till 1160 & slvr 16.8--17.35 Zone

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Silver Comex

Possible Wave Count on Silver

As Far 15.65 is Held on Downside One can play longs For Trgt of 16.05--16.2